Mobile Data Collection Case Studies

Dimagi technologies have grown directly out of field work. Read our case studies to learn more about how mobile tools can be used across regions and sectors.

Case Studies

Using mHealth to reduce maternal & newborn deaths in India

Partner: Catholic Relief Services
Location: India

Improving Rural Health in Guatemala with CommCare

Partner: TulaSalud
Location: Guatemala

Using Mobile Rapid Diagnostic Tests for HIV and Malaria in Zimbabwe

Partner: Zimbabwe Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases
Location: Zimbabwe

Using mHealth to Improve Antenatal, Natal, & Post-Natal Care in India

Partner: India Lata Medical Research Foundation
Location: India

Improving Integrated Community Case Management in Mozambique

Partner: Malaria Consortium
Location: Mozambique

Improving Reproductive Health Commodities Stock Tracking in Ghana

Partner: JSI Research & Training Institute
Location: Ghana

Adopting SMS to Improve Essential Medicines Stock in Malawi

Partner: John Snow International
Location: Malawi

Leveraging SMS to Inform Supply Chain in Tanzania

Partner: Tanzania Ministry of Health
Location: Tanzania

An Integrated eDiagnostic Approach in 400 Clinics in Burkina Faso

Partner: Terre des Hommes
Location: Burkina Faso

MOTECH Suite for Continuum of Care Services in India

Partner: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Location: India