Project Implementation Services

Launch your mobile system with Dimagi's project implementation services.

Dimagi’s Field Managers are all over the world and are available to help design, implement, and maintain highly-tailored CommCare systems for local needs.

Slide4Create Application Prototype
According to needs of organization


Design, Test, and Build a Mobile System
Develop content and workflow

Deploy Application to Devices
Ensure application runs as intended

Slide5Conduct Trainings
Including training of trainers

Slide2Facilitate Project Handoff
Ensuring longevity of the project

Slide3Post-Deployment Support
Troubleshooting and adapting app

Slide7Improve Planning
By providing a clear roadmap to sustainable projects at scale

Slide8Improve Scale-Up Activities
Tailored to the specific needs of each organization

At Dimagi, we are just as committed to building mobile systems for local environments as we are in supporting partners in implementing them. Our Field Managers regularly travel throughout their respective countries and regions to help organizations design, implement, and maintain their mobile systems, ranging from small proof of concepts through nationally scaling deployments. They have significant in country and regional knowledge from having worked with numerous partners at local, regional, and national levels.

While working on a project, Dimagi Field Managers work directly with organizations’ end users to design, test, and iterate a mobile application or system. This involves working with multiple levels of stakeholders to facilitate collaborative decision-making, rapid prototyping, and user acceptance testing in developing customized, locally appropriate solutions. This process continues in working with local project coordinators to build capacity, train staff, and reduce project risk, ensuring a complete technology transfer.

project implementation services

Dimagi’s Implementation Experience

Our team of engineers, physicians, public health professionals, data analysts, project managers, and field staff are based around the world, many in the communities they serve. We have offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts; New Delhi, India; Cape Town, South Africa; and Dakar, Senegal, with additional staff permanently located in Mozambique, Guatemala, Myanmar, Kenya, and several other countries around the world.

Dimagi has supported over 300 mobile services (mServices) projects around the world. In the course of implementing these projects, we have worked with partner organizations to understand how to best use mobile technology in frontline programs, how to effectively use mServices data for program improvement, and how an organization’s mServices need to change as its project progresses. Dimagi has used this experience to create a Maturity Model aimed at identifying and overcoming barriers that prevent information and communication technology (ICT) projects from delivering value at scale.

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