Those of us working on implementing digital solutions at scale are probably very familiar with these roadblocks: You schedule a meeting, but no one shows up. Someone forgets their password, but never asks for a new one. You launch a successful pilot, but can’t figure out how to pass on ownership to the government. Many […]

At Dimagi, we are constantly making changes to our product that affect users, but have struggled to create and adhere to a system for letting users know about those changes. Recently, we set out to design a solution to this problem that would be both practical for our team and satisfactory to our users. We […]

We set an ambitious goal in 2016: scale our product activity by 10X. We measure activity in a few ways, so before I jump into whether we achieved this goal, here’s some quick background: Form submissions are one way we measure product engagement because it tells us when someone is submitting data in the application […]

As we ring in the New Year we want to thank our readers for working on impactful projects all over the world. To celebrate we put together a few of our favorite moments from 2017. As we ring in the New Year we want to thank our readers for working on impactful projects all over […]

TechnoServe Uses CommCare to Improve Monitoring and Reporting on Three Coffee Agronomy Projects  As one of the most-traded commodities in the world, valued at over $100 billion globally, coffee is fueling both our caffeine buzz and the livelihoods of more than 10 million farmers worldwide. While coffee is one of the most important crops globally, […]

Since early 2016, Dimagi has worked with a consortium of partners to deploy a mobile app built on CommCare to over 50,000 frontline workers (FLWs) across five priority states in India. This represented a roughly 100x scale-up of the randomized controlled trial (RCT) in Bihar whose strikingly positive results motivated this larger effort. This large-scale […]

Have you ever experienced a bug that breaks your application? Are you running into errors that you don’t know how to solve? Do you have a dream app in mind, but are struggling to put it together? Whether you are a first-time CommCare app builder, advanced technical user, or mobile worker, the CommCare support team […]

CommCare Fundamentals, our flagship online course, is now available in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish! Since 2015, nearly 2000 people in over 70 countries have enrolled in the course. We’re excited to make this course available in more languages and support even more users in getting oriented to CommCare. If you are new to […]

  CommCare is a powerful and robust tool that allows you to create everything from simple surveys to sophisticated applications with complex workflows. Every Friday we ask members of our Field Team to share their favorite features—and how they use them—to help customers leverage CommCare in exciting new ways (haven’t yet tried CommCare? Create an […]

Key learnings from managing thousands of devices in a large-scale mobile health project Why did we create the Managing Devices at Scale eBook? As part of a large-scale mobile health project in India, the Dimagi team helped equip over 50,000 community health workers with CommCare applications, downloaded on Android smartphones. This project, which is one […]

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