CommCare for Research

Increase the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of your field-based studies

Collect Cleaner Data Everywhere

  • Longitudinal data collection (even offline)

    Register a subject once, then easily track and collect data at various time points and update them over the course of the study – even offline.

  • Flexible question format and response types

    Collect complete and accurate data in any language using a variety of question types – from basic single-response or multi-response survey items and to advanced formats for GPS coordinates, audio captures, and more. Forms can even be designed to perform complex calculations within the app itself.

  • Inspect your data as you collect them

    Gain a deeper understanding of the information you've collected with one-click inspection of individual forms and subjects. If data managers or analysts see anything wrong in a collected form, they can make corrections directly in CommCare.

Follow Strict Research Protocols

  • Powerful form logic

    Stop errors in data entry before they happen with custom validation conditions and enforce data collection protocols with intelligent display and skip logic.

  • Researcher performance indicators

    Remotely monitor enumerator performance in real time with pre-built reports that highlight problem areas and help you address inefficiencies before they spread.

  • Automatic alerts and reminders

    Send alerts to enumerators and assistants when tasks are overdue and conduct more efficient subject outreach with 2-way SMS messaging.

Keep Your Data Secure

  • Strong data security protocols

    CommCare is fully secured and compliant with HIPAA regulations and all data is encrypted, backed-up, and monitored for intrusions.

  • User-based permissions

    Control who can access and share data across enumerators, teams, and even regions – increasing the efficiency and security of your team.

  • Simple and secure data integrations

    Connect your CommCare data to Excel dashboards and dozens of third-party tools, from Salesforce to PowerBI, Tableau, and SQL databases.

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Use CommCare to support all your research needs

CommCare is a flexible and powerful tool for researchers, supporting virtually any study design with a mobile application tailored to your needs.

CommCare Works for Researchers

Researchers around the world use CommCare to bring efficiency, visibility, and scalability to their field-based studies. For instance, in 2016, The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health used CommCare to study the causal effect of a FIGO intervention on the uptake and continued use of postpartum IUDs (PPIUDs) by recent mothers and the effect on their subsequent pregnancy status and births.

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More than 2000 projects across 80 countries rely on CommCare for their mobile data collection and reporting needs.

“We are ready to design applications that are everything from simple and straightforward to those with challenging and unique designs and use cases.”
- Ted Barlow, President

“CommCare gave us the ability to control the experience of our fieldbased data collectors, which drastically reduced human error.”
- Bhawna Mangla, Senior Research Associate

“Thank you for helping us to gather data, refine programming, and spread the message about our impact in fighting global climate change and extreme poverty.”
- Sarah Baird, Executive Director