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How Case Management Works

Unlike traditional mobile data collection tools that use one-off survey forms, case management in CommCare links your forms together, allowing you to seamlessly track subjects and analyze changes over time.

Field staff register a case once, then simply update the case file during follow up visits.

Field staff review case information on their mobile device, even when offline, to inform data collection and improve service delivery.

Admins remotely access case data and aggregated form submissions for analysis and reporting.

The Old Way

Repetitive Surveys = Dirty Data

One-off surveys require field staff to record duplicate information — like subject IDs — at every visit, increasing the chance of data entry errors.

Unlinked survey forms must be manually aggregated before program performance can be analyzed and reports created.

The CommCare Way

Actionable and Trusted Data

  • Avoid errors

    Store case data on mobile devices, allowing field teams to omit repetitive survey questions.

  • Calculate indicators

    Automatically link and aggregate survey forms, allowing you to calculate indicators like number of patients served or monthly gains in crop yield.

  • Enforce data collection protocols

    Use existing case information to ensure data collection happens at the right time, with the right people.

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The Old Way

Duplicate Tasks = Slow Work

Field staff must collect repeat information like demographic indicators at every follow up, adding unnecessary time to each visit.

Information collected in prior visits cannot be shared or accessed by field teams, making it impossible for frontline workers to collaborate.

The CommCare Way

Empowered Field Teams

  • Work smarter

    Automate basic survey tasks, helping your field team focus on high-value work like building relationships with program beneficiaries.

  • Inform your field staff

    Enable field teams to conduct informed follow up visits and provide actionable advice by viewing a case's historical information, even when offline.

  • Encourage collaboration

    Empower teams to work together by sharing cases and making referrals, all within the CommCare app.

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The Old Way

Inaccessible Data = Poor Decision Support

Survey data is not saved locally, meaning offline field teams do not have access to real-time decision support.

Longitudinal information is not stored in-app, making it impossible to trigger events like SMS reminders or critical warnings.

The CommCare Way

Amplified Service Delivery

  • Deliver in-app advice messages

    Display dynamic, targeted advice based on a case's prior and current standing.

  • View historical data

    Field teams have access to a case's past activity on their mobile device, even when offline.

  • Trigger activities

    Automatically send SMS messages or create referrals when a case meets a given set of conditions.

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A Better Way to Collect Longitudinal Data

One-off Survey Forms Case Management
Store previously collected data on mobile devices
Analyze individual survey form responses
Aggregate data from relevant survey forms into cases
Employ skip logic to customize forms
Use existing case data to ask contextual questions
View historical case information offline
Share cases and refer subjects to other CommCare users
Provide simple counseling messages
Display dynamic advice based on a case’s history
Manually trigger referrals
Send SMS messages when cases meet a given set of conditions

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CommCare's case management features undoubtedly allowed us to provide a quicker response and subsequent disbursement of aid to needy persons.

Scherrie Griffin — Government of the British Virgin Islands

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