Data Integrations

Dimagi’s partners leverage their CommCare data in many ways. That often means integrating with third-party tools for data analysis, reporting, and management.

With this in mind, we’ve designed CommCare to easily fit into your data ecosystem. Our flexible integrations ensure you get the most value out of data your teams capture in CommCare.

  • Excel dashboards
  • Tableau and Power BI
  • DHIS2 and OpenMRS
  • Zapier integrations
  • SQL databases
  • APIs & Webhooks
  • FHIR

Learn how to integrate your CommCare data with third-party tools

CommCare’s data integration ecosystem

Excel dashboards and workbooks

Link your CommCare data with Excel dashboards and refresh it automatically on a custom schedule.

Third-party integration platforms

Sync your CommCare data with hundreds of other applications via 3rd party integration tools OpenFn and Zapier.

Tableau and Power BI

Maintain a seamless data connection between CommCare and both Tableau and PowerBI via our 1-click Odata integration.

Programmatic data export

Automatically export data from CommCare to your in-house SQL database or Excel workbooks using CommCare’s Data Export Tool.

DHIS2 and OpenMRS

Build integrations between CommCare and data management tools like DHIS2 and OpenMRS using our MOTECH platform.


In CommCare, you can receive and output data in HL7 FHIR V4 format, and build applications to exchange data via OpenHIM or other FHIR-compatible data receivers and producers.

APIs and webhooks

Leverage CommCare’s APIs and webhooks to interact directly and programmatically with your CommCare HQ data and content.

Get all the details on CommCare’s data integrations

The Latest on CommCare’s Data Integrations

Updates and toolkits to help you understand your options and get started:

Leverage CommCare and DHIS2 for a sustainable digital health system

Learn how CommCare and DHIS2 work together to provide an end-to-end solution for mobile data collection, aggregation, storage, and reporting at any scale—from a single community to nation-wide.

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Learn how to use CommCare to analyze and report on your M&E data

This Starter Guide introduces key features in CommCare for effective data management, which can help lead to better analysis and greater insights into performance, progress, and impact. The guide is organized into two parts: Exporting Data and Inspecting and Cleaning Data.

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