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Track data

Build smarter data collection apps that allow you to collect and track data over time.

Work offline

No signal, no problem. Build a data collection app that works offline.

Empower end-users

Collect quality data by building a data collection app that guides your workforce to do their best work.

Start small and scale

Invest in a data collection app that will keep pace with your growth.

Collect Actionable Data, Amplify Your Impact

Build a powerful data collection app with CommCare's suite of case management features
that allow you to collect actionable data over time, and faster than ever before.
Learn how case management can extend your team’s impact today.

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How CommCare Works

Collect the data you need to drive impact,
with a data collection app your workforce will love.

Build your offline data collection app in days, not weeks.

Our drag-and-drop app builder makes it easy for you to get started.

  • Test app changes live with our app preview feature
  • No coding necessary, just drag-and-drop
  • Start small with simple surveys and add complexity as you go
  • Easily deploy your data collection app to Android devices in the field

Collect better data with a data collection app your workforce will love to use.

The key to securing cleaner data is offering your workforce a data collection app that guides them to do their best work. Make magic happen behind-the-scenes with features like case management that simplify their work.

  • Build-in decision support and notifications to guide your team
  • Link data from multiple forms to avoid duplicate data entry and errors
  • Incorporate performance feedback for regular progress updates
  • Enhance how your team communicates in the field with multimedia

Analyze data to improve decision making.

Our easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to aggregate data and identify trends, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Visualize trends with CommCare’s built-in reporting tool
  • Create daily reports to track workforce performance
  • Export your CommCare data to use in your favorite 3rd party data analysis tool


A powerful data collection app to fit all your needs.

Our robust set of features allow you to build sophisticated mobile data collection apps that will fit your needs today — and for many years to come.

Incorporate multimedia

CommCare supports video, audio messages, images, GPS and signature capture.

Unlimited data storage

We offer unlimited data storage on our secure cloud server.

Role-based account access.

Grant various access levels to your data.

Multiple languages

Build one app to support multiple languages.

Two-way SMS messaging

Send and receive messages to your intended audience.

More than 500 projects across 60 countries rely on CommCare for their mobile data collection and reporting needs.


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