Case Study

SHM Foundation: FocusMDM for Improving Health, Education, and HIV Outcomes for Adolescents in South Africa

Project Overview

For more than a decade, SHM Foundation has sought to bring about positive social change by providing communities and individuals with practical tools and innovative solutions. They have extensive technical experience with mobile-based groups for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

This project, starting in late 2019, creates mobile phone-based peer support groups to help HIV+ adolescents better understand and come to terms with their illness by linking them with trained peer mentors who have previously gone through similar groups as participants.

SHM Foundation has partnered with Dimagi to implement FocusMDM as their preferred device management tool. The platform affords participants a degree of autonomy and to use their phones as they wish (provided they do not contravene the permitted use cases). Using data usage analytics and device rules built into FocusMDM, SHM Foundation administrators can limit or ban the use of mobile data for restricted or unwanted apps.

Implementing Partners: SHM Foundation

Countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe

Sectors: Mental Health


  • Device Usage Analytics
  • Device Rules

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