Case Study

SMASH Mobil: CommCare for Improving Local Supply Chains

Project Overview

In 2013, the Brasserie Nationale d’Haïti (BRANA, a Heineken subsidiary) started the Smallholder Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH) program to build and reinforce a local sorghum supply chain. In support, they developed SMASH Mobil, an integrated mobile technology and reporting system, to mitigate the discrepancy between what was happening in the field and what was being reported, but also to support key monitoring and evaluation efforts.

The tool, supported by the CommCare platform, runs on Android tablets and helps the program monitor its progress in near real time, from land preparation and planting all the way to the delivery of grain to BRANA.

Implementing Partners: Brasserie Nationale d’Haïti, the Inter-American Development Bank, Papyrus S.A.

Countries: Haiti

Sectors: Agricultural Logistics


  • Case Management
  • Decision & Diagnostic Support
  • Custom Reports

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