Dr. Vikram Sheel Kumar

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Vikram Sheel Kumar is an engineer and physician who co-founded Dimagi to bring the energy of the open source movement to solve important and interesting problems in health. The son of an inventive neurosurgeon, Vikram invented a privatizing fax machine with his father at the age of 14. Vikram did his graduate thesis at the MIT Media Laboratory where he developed one of the earliest video games for health on a wireless mobile device. Vikram is a co-founder of Cogito Corp and Inplore Inc.

Vikram studied engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology and Columbia University and medicine at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology where he graduated magna cum laude. He completed a residency in Clinical Pathology from the Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Vikram co-writes the Technology Corner column for the leading peer reviewed laboratory medicine journal, Clinical Chemistry.

Vikram has won numerous awards including being named an MIT Technology Review’s TR100 and its Humanitarian of the Year, a Paul E. Strandjord Young Investigator, and a Paul and Daisy Soros New American. Along with Jon, he was named a 2012 Social Entrepreneur Awardee by the Schwab Foundation at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of New Champions.

Most Recent Posts By Dr. Vikram Sheel Kumar

Dr. Helene Hardy presented one of the select oral abstracts at the 4th International Conference on HIV Treatment Adherence in Miami. Aremind was more successful than a beeper in enhancing adherence to ART in this population across several measures of adherence.

I spoke at the MIT Tech Review’s inaugural conference (emtech) in India recently on a bottom of the pyramid technology panel with Prof. Anil Gupta from IIM-A and the Honey Bee Network and Sanjay Swamy of mCheck. The Honey Bee network has shown great examples of innovation BY the bottom of the (economic – as […]

“Welcome to the New York Health Exchange! At the closing bell on Dec 31, 2008, you saved 40% of your allocated money for the year, received dividends amounting to 10% of your starting balance, benefited from a 15% appreciation in your health indices, and a corresponding drop in your mortality markers. The NYHE reminds you […]

Want to do something about the environment?  Easy.  Recycle, walk away from your car, and think green.  But what can you, yes you, do if you are worried about a pandemic flu? Evidence (and common sense) says that simple hand washing cuts the spread of respiratory infections.  So you keep your hands clean.  What else?   […]

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