Dimagi Americas

Mercy Simiyu

Director of Frontline Programs, CC Connect

About Mercy Simiyu

Before joining Dimagi, Mercy worked within the Tech4D/ICT4D space focusing on partnership development and program design. This allowed her to incorporate her storytelling skills, her love for writing, and her ability to innately apply human-centered design principles to design projects to maximize the uptake of services and impact within the communities served. Mercy enjoys working with organizations that are working for meaningful change within the public health space and focusing on sustainable impact. From working in emergency rooms in the US to supporting minority groups in the Los Angeles area to access breast cancer resources, Mercy has always been interested in supporting the marginalized and vulnerable. Mercy holds a Public Policy degree from Seattle University, as well as a Public Health graduate degree from Tulane University, centered on health systems management. Over the last few years, Mercy has built up extensive experience within the African context working with development partners and Ministries of Health, supporting community health efforts by leveraging technology. Having lived and worked in Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, and the US, Mercy enjoys traveling and experiencing new sights, sounds, and foods. Additionally, Mercy enjoys playing tennis, watching sports in general, and is, according to her music teacher, a less-than-average drummer. Allegedly.