Dimagi India

Ashish Kumar Yogi

Senior Applications Engineer

About Ashish Kumar Yogi

I have joined Dimagi India as a Project Technical Architect in New Delhi. I hold a graduate degree in Computer Engineering from Delhi College of Engineer (Delhi University). Prior to joining Dimagi, I was Senior Member of Technical Staff with Oracle India where I was employed to develop and handle projects as per the customer requirements in various cloud-based software and PAAS.

I believe in ‘Butterfly effect’ where even a small change somewhere can make a huge impact in some other part of the world. Dimagi’s initiative to digitize the community health is one small change which makes a huge positive impact in improving the health condition around various communities in the world. And that’s what excites me.

Apart from solving complex issues and tackling technical glitches, I like to travel a lot. Exploring new places, meeting new people, getting to know their stories is what I thrive for. Someday I would like to visit each and every country on this planet before I meet the clay.