Dimagi Africa

Olufunke Femi-Ojo

Senior Project Analyst

About Olufunke Femi-Ojo

Olufunke Femi-Ojo is a Public Health graduate with a passion for strategic project
management and a keen eye for detail. With over 4 years of experience in project
management and Monitoring and Evaluation, Olufunke brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her adaptable nature and exceptional organizational skills make her a natural relationship builder and an effective problem solver.

Throughout her career, Olufunke has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry by leveraging information technology to improve health services. Collaborating closely with her team, she has played a vital role in designing and implementing data-driven solutions that address local needs and empower underserved communities to lead healthier lives.

Additionally, Olufunke has gained valuable experience in the IT industry, driving the
development of multiple MVP Mobile and Web applications. Working closely with
development teams and designers, she has successfully translated clients’ ideas from concept to implementation, ensuring projects are delivered within budget and on schedule.

Outside of work, Olufunke enjoys indulging in her hobbies of reading, writing, and
listening to good music.