Dimagi Africa

Leovegildo Munguambe

Partnerships Manager (Consultant)

About Leovegildo Munguambe

Leovegildo Munguambe is the Partnerships Manager of Dimagi “The face of Dimagi in Mozambique”.

His role is to ensure the presence and implementation of the expansion strategy of Dimagi and CommCare in Mozambique. The Execution of business development to ensure the identification of potential projects, sponsors, partners, and stakeholders. As well as stakeholders’ management and support to the projects in implementation.

Prior to Dimagi, for over 15 years, Leovegildo worked in the Maintenance and Engineering Construction environment as A Senior Project, Program and Portfolio Management, and Managing Director.

Leovegildo holds a B-Tech Electrical Engineering from TuT- Pretoria SA, and MSc Project Management from Salford University – Manchester UK