Dimagi Africa

Eric Ambriza

Project Analyst

About Eric Ambriza

Eric is a Project Analyst at Dimagi. He is from Mozambique and completed Honours Degree in Computer Science, a partial MBA in Oil and Gas and a Nanodegree in Data Analysis. In most of his career he has been working at Vodacom Mozambique, but prior to Dimagi he was working at Pernord Ricard as a Brand Ambassador.  During this time, he was exposed to many projects, as well as operational work, both, as a ripple of his being
drawn to customer service.

But the spirit of work for a social impact came back in 2015 when he became a co-founder of a group of creatives from different areas in Mozambique and the main mission was to promote the Mozambican culture which lead to winning an award for the most innovative group.