Small Businesses

CommCare for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have recently emerged to market by employing vendors to sell poverty-alleviating products at the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid (BoP), including cook stoves, pay toilets, tampons, and solar lanterns.

These products often pay for themselves through reduced fuel and healthcare expenditures, while reducing disease and increasing access to education. However, in order to achieve profitability at scale and to expand access to products at the BoP and other emerging markets, businesses need tools to increase sales penetration, expand their market size, and sustain product innovation. This can be achieved through use of mobile technology.

Small Businesses and their vendors can benefit from the versatility, flexibility and portability of mobile applications. Mobile technology enables Small Businesses to make more timely decisions, increase productivity, reduce overhead, improve organizational agility, prompt customer services, and gain a stronger bottom line. Dimagi is uniquely positioned to offer a cloud product that can serve frontline workers with limited education and technical literacy to increase organizational agility, enhance workforce management, and improve customer satisfaction.

Small Businesses

Few efficient methods exist for Small Businesses to remotely manage productivity and hold vendors accountable. There is a lack of detailed, real-time feedback on customer satisfaction to develop new approaches and increase market expansion.

  • Dimagi’s tools support improved workflows through real-time data collection about customer demographics for monitoring market expansion and penetration opportunities.
  • Applications can track inventory and manage orders, preventing stock-outs and improving forecasting of future demand, including predicting seasonal trends.
  • Eliminating need for paperwork reduces costs and improves security and data integrity.
  • SMS customer satisfaction surveys and promotions increase market knowledge.
  • Scalable technology allows organizations to quickly deploy go-to-market strategies.
  • Small Businesses and vendors are directly connected so that communication and decisions can be made efficiently and securely in both directions.
  • Real-time monitoring of daily activity of vendors through web-based reports minimizes supervisory gaps, increasing workforce efficiency.
  • SMS-based marketing system facilitates timely communication on new products and promotions.


Vendors struggle to increase sales due to challenges in tracking new leads and potential customers, failure to follow up after sales, and to avoid stock outs or overstock.

  • Dimagi’s tools provide simple Customer Relationship Management, enabling a vendor to register a lead, follow it through the sales pipeline, and follow up after (e.g. for repair or missed payments).
  • Electronic checklists provide ongoing decision support information (pricing, products, etc.).
  • SMS notifications remind vendors to reach out to every eligible customer.
  • SMS & voice campaigns facilitate reaching out to customers to share information on new products and promotions.
  • Multimedia, such as audio clips, pictures, and videos enhance credibility and facilitate discussion of sensitive topics with customers.
  • Ability to access sales records and track progress against monthly sales targets in comparison to other vendors increases workforce motivation.


Customers often lack appropriate information about products they are buying and have little recourse if a product is faulty or needs repair.

  • Dimagi’s tools provide built-in educational and training materials to engage customers, improving information dissemination at point-of-sale.
  • SMS interactions and voice campaigns enable customers to stay more connected with vendors, increasing the likelihood of receiving timelier follow-up from vendors about a product or issue.


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