Small Businesses

CommCare helps small businesses improve decision making.

CommCare for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have recently emerged to market by employing vendors to sell poverty-alleviating products at the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid (BoP), including cook stoves, pay toilets, tampons, and solar lanterns.

These products often pay for themselves through reduced fuel and healthcare expenditures, while reducing disease and increasing access to education. However, in order to achieve profitability at scale and to expand access to products at the BoP and other emerging markets, businesses need tools to increase sales penetration, expand their market size, and sustain product innovation. This can be achieved through use of mobile technology.

Small Businesses and their vendors can benefit from the versatility, flexibility and portability of mobile applications. Mobile technology enables Small Businesses to make more timely decisions, increase productivity, reduce overhead, improve organizational agility, prompt customer services, and gain a stronger bottom line. Dimagi is uniquely positioned to offer a cloud product that can serve frontline workers with limited education and technical literacy to increase organizational agility, enhance workforce management, and improve customer satisfaction.

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