Agricultural Finance

CommCare for Agricultural Finance

The explosion of microfinance and insurance institutions (MFIs) has provided alternative sources to capital and security for small-scale farmers. Microfinance and insurance allow the agricultural community to reduce the risk of their investments, as well as provide the growth capital needed to thrive.

However, while micro-finance and insurance has allowed for farmers to increase their yields through new investments, the penetration rates to extremely rural rates, where capital and risk hedging is needed most, still lag behind other geographies. Between complex dataflows and poor infrastructures leading to impossible demands on finance, insurance, and credit officers, only robust, off-grid IT solutions can help expand financial tools to the millions that require them to help expand their businesses.

Agricultural Finance

CommCare is being used to help assess insurance and credit risks and can be used to track loan tenure for micro-credit in remote locations.

  • Mobile applications give loan officers offline capable systems, allowing for tracking of individual loans without large amounts of paperwork that get lost or destroyed in remote locations
  • Forms in CommCare use complex logic to reduce data entry needs to allow for quicker turn-around times when loan officers are in remote locations. This allows officers to visit more potential customers, or customers in farther locations, by reducing administrative overhead
  • CommCare messaging allows farmers to receive SMS confirmation of payment history, allowing them to build up credit to obtain higher loan amounts upon successful repayment
  • Cloud-hosting of data allows management to remotely view and monitor loan books in real-time, thereby reducing the risk portfolio, and allowing for increased lending to new markets


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