Mobile Data Collection Platform


About CommCare

CommCare is an open source mobile data collection platform that enables anyone to build mobile apps.

Active in over 60 countries, CommCare is the most widely adopted, technically advanced, and evidence-based mobile platform for low-resource settings.

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Key Features

CommCare is used across sectors as a job aid for mobile data collection and reporting. With CommCare, you can build a data management system that is affordable, sustainable, and scalable

  • Create a custom mobile app
  • Collect information offline
  • Track data over-time
  • Support complex workflows
  • Store data on CommCare’s secure cloud server
  • Access real-time reports

Get started with CommCare

Starting app building!
• Offers an easy-to-use app building platform that is free and open source

• Enables complex workflows

• Integrates with third party apps
• Works offline

• Hosts data on secure cloud server

• Allows for remote updates
• Collects data in real-time

• Monitors field workers' activity

• Enables real-time access to reports online or via email
• Registers and tracks end users

• Captures field data, photos, signatures and more

• Supports multiple languages and multimedia

CommCare Onboarding Series

This video series will teach you how to build your first CommCare mobile application step-by-step.

  • Video 1: Set up your first CommCare mobile application.
  • Video 2: Create your first form.
  • Video 3: Create a follow-up form using Case Management.
  • Video 4: Test and add logic to your mobile application.
  • Video 5: Publish your application to a mobile user.
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