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by Dimagi

17 July 2009


An SMS Gateway on your Phone

Aggregate, interpret, and coordinate SMS data collection all from one device.


Leveraging new device capabilities

RapidAndroid is a fully featured implementation of our RapidSMS platform on the powerful Android™mobile platform. With advancing hardware, it is now possible to have mobile phones handle tasks that once required laptops. RapidAndroid is a solution designed for high portability and rapid deployment. It is targeted for situations where deploying a stable server and phone is neither feasible nor practical. Because the mobile phone is now capable of acting as a standalone appliance for SMS management, a powerful new tool can be added to the continuum SMS deployment options.

RapidAndroid: a new tool for SMS deployments

  • Lower overall hardware cost, as it is just a singular device, no more paired modem and computer setup
  • Fewer moving parts in software. This has been a problem with regard to some telephony libraries. Android provides a tightly coupled interface direct to the cell network
  • Less power consumption than a computer-based solution
  • Improved on-device user interface, further reducing the reliance on a separate computer for mundane tasks

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