Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection

Dimagi has a long track record in developing novel ways for organizations to collect data with mobile technology.

No problem too big, no solution too small

From early generation PDAs, to low cost java-capable phones, to the latest Android device, Dimagi has consistently been a leading implementor of mobile technology for organizations and business to operate more efficiently. Our suite of open source libraries and solutions have distilled our years of field experience into a reusable and rapidly deployable tool set for organizations big and small.

Our suite of projects

  • JavaRosa :: The library that powers CommCare, and the ODK
  • ODK :: A JavaRosa powered Android data collection tool. It allows for multiform data collection from GPS tagged photos, audio, and form data
  • RapidSMS :: Programmable SMS based applications for wide field deployment. Supply chain tracking of mosquito bednets
  • SMS Google Charts :: Warehouse inventory tracking using an SMS gateway and google spreadsheets for distributed inventory monitoring