CommCare is a turnkey solution for community health and extension workers that provides case management, data collection, and data management. Sign up for an account today!


CommConnect is a solution for building SMS applications allowing for two-way messaging, conditional reminders, surveys and broadcast messages. It can be used on its own, or integrated into a CommCare application. Learn More


CommTrack is a tool for mobile logistics and supply chain management. It supports mobile workers for better stock tracking, requisition planning, and delivery acknowledgement using either SMS or a CommCare application. Learn More


Dimagi works domestically and across the world researching how technology can improve outcomes.


Staff Blog

28 August 2014

Four Months Out of Peace Corps, Reflections about mHealth

Last Monday I was at the Dimagi HQ office in Cambridge when I got the cryptic message; something had happened… Read More

15 August 2014

Getting Schooled: Dimagi India Hosts First mEducation Roundtable

On July 24 Dimagi hosted a Round Table discussion on using mobile technology in education. Representatives from 14 leading NGOs… Read More

16 July 2014

CommCare Gets Hitched!

Like many girls, at a very young age, my sister and I made a pact that we would be each… Read More

Recent News

11 September 2014

Dimagi to Host Workshop on Mobile Apps for Women’s Empowerment and Safety in New Delhi

Dimagi is hosting a three day workshop on designing mobile apps for frontline service delivery in women’s empowerment and safety… Read More

2 September 2014

Dimagi’s August Talks Roundup

One of the fun things about working at Dimagi is that we get the chance to talk to other people… Read More

2 September 2014

Dimagi to Host CommCare Workshop in Myanmar

Dimagi is hosting a free, one-day CommCare workshop in Yangon, Myanmar on September 16th, followed by an optional, advanced app building… Read More