CommCare is a turnkey solution for community health and extension workers that provides case management, data collection, and data management. Sign up for an account today!


CommConnect is a solution for building SMS applications allowing for two-way messaging, conditional reminders, surveys and broadcast messages. It can be used on its own, or integrated into a CommCare application. Learn More


CommTrack is a tool for mobile logistics and supply chain management. It supports mobile workers for better stock tracking, requisition planning, and delivery acknowledgement using either SMS or a CommCare application. Learn More


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Staff Blog

19 November 2014

“Take a Tablet”: ColaLife talks about using CommCare in Zambia

The following blog post was originally posted by Dimagi partner and CommCare user ColaLife. You can see the original blog… Read More

17 November 2014

Three Ways to Achieve Economies of Scale in mHealth

Over the last few years, the question of how to achieve mHealth scale has been commonly discussed by the mHealth… Read More

7 November 2014

Recap: Dimagi’s first Tech Summit!

Dimagi’s tech team recently had their first off-site ever and wanted to report back some of the findings. The team… Read More

Recent News

29 October 2014

CommCare in Southeast Asia Highlighted by Forbes

Forbes recently rose an article about the growth of health apps in Southeast Asia. In the article, author Will Greene writes… Read More

10 October 2014

Dimagi COO Joins Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship Panel

On October 8th, Dimagi Chief Operations Officer participated on a panel during the Unite For Sight on Responsible Innovation and Social… Read More

1 October 2014

Dimagi’s CSO Speaks at M&E Tech Conference

On September 25th, Dimagi CSO Neal Lesh presented Dimagi’s data work at the M&E Tech conference in Washington DC. In a… Read More