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Design mobile applications for your organization on CommCare’s open source platform. No IT background required.

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150 organizations have deployed CommCare in 40+ countries, scaling impact in the world’ most underserved  communities.

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Debugging a thread-related test failure

November 25, 2015 by Daniel Miller

Recently I've been working on adding support for using nose to run the CommCare HQ test suite. Since CommCare HQ is a Django project, I'm using django-nose. This has been a tedious...

From BRAC: How smartphones are revolutionizing data collection

November 19, 2015 by Inara Sunan Tareque

This blog post was originally published by our partners at BRAC. The post highlights how BRAC has transitioned from paper-based data collection to mobile data collection with CommCare, and five reasons why going with mobile has been the right solution for BRAC. We use our ...

Is it goodbye or see you later? When users stop using CommCare.

November 11, 2015 by Nwando Dike, Jeremy Wacksman, Neal Lesh

This is post #7 in our Under the Data Tree blog series, where members of Dimagi’s data science team share insights from analyzing CommCare data. In this blog, we look at how often users stop using CommCare, and—if they do stop—how often they restart. There are of course many reasons for a user to stop using CommCare that are not a function of how well the technology i...

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