In the fast-paced environment of some of Boston’s busiest hospitals, it’s difficult to walk the line between keeping complete medical records while squeezing in precious face time with every patient. This is particularly difficult for specializations such as orthopaedic surgery, where a clinician is often on the wards or in the operating room for much of the day, and not in front of a computer.

To help address this problem, Dimagi is working with Boston Medical Center (BMC) to develop a BlackBerry dictation application. This system is integrated with the hospital information systems so that a clinician can record a note and have it automatically transcribed and appended to a given medical record, even while he’s still walking around the hospitals wards. In fact, the device keeps track of which patients are in which bed on each floor, so that the doctor can easily pull up pertinent information on his device as he is doing the rounds. All this data is securely captured and transmitted using BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure.