WHO COVID-19 contact tracing template application released

Update: March 26 – Expanded Language Support

The FFX Contact Protocol app is now available in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hindi.

To support organizations who are coordinating COVID-19 response, yesterday we released a free template application which implements the full World Health Organization’s FFX protocol for case reporting and contact tracing. 

This application can be imported into a project space in CommCareHQ, deployed immediately to Android mobile devices, and can be easily customized to local contexts. 

  • COVID-19 Application Library: We will be sharing free CommCare template applications. Please note that to access the library, you will need to be logged into CommCare.
  • COVID-19 Resources: We will be documenting all COVID-19 and CommCare-related resources for the public here. This includes overviews of template applications, as well as multimedia assets for training. 

We anticipate releasing additional template applications for COVID-19 response in the future as additional workflows are piloted and validated. If your organization has developed a CommCare application for COVID-19 and you’d like us to add it to the COVID-19 library, please email covid19@dimagi.com

To encourage information sharing among organizations using template apps, or other CommCare apps, in COVID-19 response, we’ve created a new area in our community forum.



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