Johnson & Johnson Foundation – CommCare Companion Application

This project is an extension of an earlier project we completed with funding from the J&J Foundation. We worked with The Resilience Collaborative at the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation to co-create and adapt a set of messages that are intended to build the resilience skills of CHWs in LMICs. The next step is to figure out how to deliver these messages.

We will develop a CommCare Companion Application that can be used by CHWs to access the resilience content. The application will contain a set of 82 resilience messages that are meant to be consumed by CHWs over a period of six months, with the goal of enabling resilience skill development. We will make a template version of the application available to the public, with content adapted in both English and Hindi.

In addition to developing the CommCare Companion Application, we will be leading a working group on user-centered content adaptation. Through interactive working group sessions, we will guide participants through the process of translating, localizing, and adapting the set of resilience messages for local languages and contexts. At the end of the working group, participants will have the opportunity to upload their revised messages to the CommCare Companion Application template. Dimagi will also publish a guidebook to content adaptation that can be used by organizations wishing to utilize the resilience messages. 

Finally, with a total amount of $100,000 in pilot funding, we will select partner organizations to conduct a pilot of their adapted resilience messages in various countries (partners and countries TBD). The selection process and funding disbursement will be managed by Dimagi as part of this contract budget. Each partner is expected to engage a minimum of 20 CHWs in the pilot study for a period of six months. Dimagi will support the partner organizations with pilot planning, application deployment, and analysis of the pilot outcomes (with measures spanning usability of the application, suitability of the content, and potential behavior change).



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