The Maturity Model

Use the Maturity Model to establish a long-term vision for building and scaling your mobile system.

What is the Maturity Model?

Built from experience on 500+ mobile projects, Dimagi’s Maturity Model is a tool that helps organizations learn how to develop and grow their mobile systems, from the pilot phase through scale.

Download and complete the maturity assessment to see where your organization falls across current and targeted maturity stages. Based on our results, the Maturity Model will identify specific activities that can help you build, grow, and scale your mobile system.

Reasons to Use the Maturity Model:
  • Learn how to effectively use mobile tools to improve your program
  • Establish a long-term vision and goals for your mobile system
  • Identify program gaps to improve upon existing processes and enhance staff capacity
How to Get Started:

Get started by downloading the Maturity Model. If you'd rather connect with someone at Dimagi first or have questions about the Maturity Model, please get in touch with us.

Download The Maturity Model