Dimagi USA

Mike O'Donnell

Director of Global Services

About Mike O'Donnell

Mike is spearheading Dimagi’s initiative to implement CommCare as a tool for organizations working in the agricultural domain. Before coming to Dimagi, he worked as an agricultural extension agent with the Peace Corps in Togo.

During his two years with the Peace Corps he worked with farming cooperatives in his community to create bio-intensive gardens for dry season production, collaborated with a woman’s group to promote nutrition and maternal health, mobilized local farmers to adopt agroforestry techniques in their fields, and edited Farm to Market, the highly acclaimed Peace Corps Togo agricultural publication. His experience has afforded him firsthand knowledge of the challenges and realities agricultural workers face in the field.

In 2009, Mike graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in Anthropology and English. In 2012, he pursued his academic interest while working as a research assistant to Dr. Norma Ware, a medical anthropologist renowned for her qualitative work on HIV treatment delivery in Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria. As a research assistant based in Boston, he focused largely on data reduction and analysis.