Dimagi Americas

Kirti Chandratreya

Senior Technical Project Manager

About Kirti Chandratreya

Kirti Chandratreya is a Technical Project Manager on the US Health Team. She is deeply interested in creating effective, efficient, and beautiful technology solutions. She believes that solutions abound in the Universe, simply waiting for problems to be clearly defined. She subscribes to the four-pronged philosophy of: Be there always; Play all out; Make their day; and Choose your attitude. She brings that philosophy to life in each team she is part of and every project she works on. Kirti has a strong technical background, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering & Sciences. She has worn several different hats in a variety of industries (Consulting, Healthcare, Education, Finance/Banking, Insurance, and Retail) and in various technology ecosystems. She enjoys continuous learning and can be found reading a book or engaged in personal development training and practice. When she is not diving into technology or managing projects, she is actively coaching people with accountability sessions and striving for results using SMART goals. In her spare time and on weekends, she can be found immersed in her creative crafts practice.