Dimagi Americas

Joseph Mooney

Data Engineer

About Joseph Mooney

Joseph Mooney is a Data Engineer at Dimagi based in Boston, MA.  He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science along with a Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Harvard University, and has done data engineering and software development in various industries, including biomedical engineering, renewable energy, and autonomous vehicles.  He is passionate about developing technology to provide for social good in the world, along with the technology regulations required to make sure our legal systems can justly and morally regulate future development.  In addition to being passionate about issues of DEI, systemic racism and sexism, and LGBTQ+ issues, Joe also enjoys spending time with his large extended family and playing or creating board, card, and video games with friends.  He especially adores spending time with the loves of his life, his partner Richard and his precious dog Neblina.