Dimagi Americas

Ethan Soergel

Senior Engineer II

About Ethan Soergel

Ethan Soergel is an engineer who is passionate about the importance of robust, accessible commons in science, art, and education.  He taught himself to code after graduating college, relying heavily on freely available resources.  Ethan is an avid user of and occasional contributor to open source software.  He is interested in web technologies, collaboration tools, and education.

Ethan enjoys biking, telemark skiing, climbing, surfing and other outdoor adventure sports.  He also likes travelling on the cheap, cooking, making things and working with his hands.

Before getting into coding, Ethan studied physics at the University of Florida.  Looking for something more tangible, he switched gears to medicine, with a focus on global health.  Luckily, before getting mired in medical school, Ethan decided to concentrate on his lifelong interest in technology and invention, making Dimagi a perfect fit.