Biyeun Buczyk

Senior Engineer & Head of Design

Biyeun Buczyk is an engineer who is passionate about improving user experience and creating reusable, thoughtful code. She hates the idea of having a normal ‘desk job’ and thinks that the world would be a better place if everyone truly enjoyed and cared about their work.

Biyeun graduated in 2010 with an S.B. degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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CommCare and MOTECH were both recently highlighted in the Huffington Post article “The Next Generation of Community Health Worker Programs” as a technology innovation to support CHWs.  In the article, authors John Zervos and Dana Parke seek to explore the question why Community Health Workers (CHWs) are continued to be seen as a the solution […]

Over the last fifteen years, feature phones capable of running third-party apps superseded basic voice-and-text devices. More recently, smartphone penetration has been increasing rapidly in the developing world. In particular, Android devices are now widely available in most countries, and over 10 million new smartphone connections were made every month in Africa during 2013 and […]

This is post #2 in our Under the Data Tree blog series. How concerned should we be if we notice a CommCare user submitting less data than they have been submitting recently? We have the intuition that most CommCare users will submit about the same amount of data from month to month. While there are […]

New Report: Application Status Application Status is CommCare HQ’s newest report created to help you manage different deployments of CommCare. It lists the most recent submission dates for users alongside their most recently used deployed applicat…

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