Dimagi USA

Anthony Connor

Senior Director, Program Design

About Anthony Connor

Anthony is the Director of Partnerships at Dimagi. He currently runs our Washington DC office where he focuses on developing high impact partnerships to implement technology solutions for health, agriculture, and economic development and emergency response projects.

Prior to joining Dimagi, Anthony had several years experience of working in agriculture in developing countries. He served as lead project manager on several government underwritten large-scale agricultural infrastructure projects in the Niger Delta. During this time he also helped develop several gas and solar power projects throughout West Africa. Afterwards, he founded and managed the first crowd-sourced agricultural market information system with integrated SMS capabilities. This continues to operate today, and provides useful agricultural data to several food security groups. He has lived in six countries, and has professional experience in several dozen.

Anthony holds an undergraduate degree from the American University of Paris and an M.Sc. from the School of Oriental and African Studies: London, where he graduated with superlatives. His masters thesis on the socio-economic impact of the Zimbabwe Government of National Unity allowed him to consult the London branch of the Movement for Democratic Change on a pro-bono basis.