Aliza Stone


Aliza is an engineer who comes to Dimagi from the University of Pennsylvania. After studying computer science and international development, she is so excited to be working at a place like Dimagi, to see and be a part of how software development is being used to develop creative solutions to tough and important problems. Outside of work, Aliza enjoys sitting down with a good book, distance running, and hiking anywhere beautiful.

Most Recent Posts By Aliza Stone

At Dimagi, we are constantly making changes to our product that affect users, but have struggled to create and adhere to a system for letting users know about those changes. Recently, we set out to design a solution to this problem that would be both practical for our team and satisfactory to our users. We […]

This is post #9 in our Under the Data Tree blog series, where members of Dimagi’s data science team share insights from analyzing CommCare data. In this blog, we look at what CommCare submission data can tell us about the connectivity levels of our users, and interesting ways in which we might be able to […]

Just a little over a year ago, I was starting my junior year of college at the University of Pennsylvania, not altogether very far along in my computer science degree, and even less far along in figuring out what I wanted to do with that degree. I knew vaguely that I had a passion for […]

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