Dimagi India

Sujay Ravikumar

Field Manager

About Sujay Ravikumar

Sujay is a tennis fan(atic), environmentalist, current affairs geek and a Field Manager on Dimagi’s Global Services team! He grew up in China, Japan, Singapore and India, before heading to the National University of Singapore to become a Bachelor of Social Science (“B.O.S.S.”) in Economics. After a nomadic childhood, he is thrilled to be back in India with an opportunity for hands-on fieldwork implementing technology solutions for development.

Prior to Dimagi, Sujay worked at Visa Inc. in Singapore for almost four years, where he was involved with the implementation and launch of new mobile payment solutions in the Asia Pacific region. He has also gained experience in product, pricing, sales and operations teams as part of Visa’s Graduate Program.

Inquisitive by nature, Sujay is always looking out for new experiences, cuisines and destinations.