Jordan Lerner

Senior Field Manager

Jordan Lerner is a Field Manager with Dimagi’s global services team in India. He was drawn to Dimagi because of their emphasis on user-centric design and because of their work on projects that touch a variety of issues pertaining to development. He is thrilled to be part of a team of people who share his passions for human equity and social justice.
Jordan has explored several paths on the way to finding Dimagi. While in university he worked special-needs children, as a genetics researcher, and after graduating, Jordan worked at FleishmanHillard as a communications consultant.

Jordan scrapped together a degree from McGill University where he bounced from department to department briefly majoring in the Behavioral Sciences, Russian Studies, Drama, and Cognition before alighting on Psychology and History. At McGill he spent his free time as a researcher at the Mogil Pain Genetics labs helping to develop the first assay for chronic spontaneous pain in mice (yes, he’s that Jordan Lerner), and more importantly exploring the city of Montreal.

In his free time he enjoys playing the saxophone, rock climbing, debating Kanye West’s place in musical history, defending Lebron Jame’s decision to go to Miami, and hosting pun-based dinner parties.

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There is a death inside an Indian prison every 5.5 hours. The suicide rate inside these institutions is 40 percent higher than that on the outside. 67 percent of those incarcerated in the country are awaiting trial, and as a result, prisons are severely overcrowded. There is one doctor for every 638 people in prison […]

Effective training is a critical building block of any successful mobile data collection project. Data management systems require ongoing maintenance updates. Without a deep understanding of how the technology works it can be difficult for an organization to manage and sustain the solution overtime. With Dimagi’s partners, we strongly emphasize CommCare app training and capacity […]

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