Dimagi India

Deepanjan Chowdhury

Technical Project Analyst

About Deepanjan Chowdhury

Fairness and Equity are the two core values that he strongly upholds as an individual. The fellowship program at Teach for India allowed him to work towards narrowing the gap of education inequity by working in a Government school in a low-income community in Bengaluru. Having studied in a school with students from various socio-economic backgrounds himself, he firmly believes that inclusive classrooms develop a strong sense of leadership and self-efficacy amongst students.

During his fellowship, he got the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds from all walks of life which created a paradigm shift in him. He strongly believes in a world, which is fair and where individuals are given opportunities to realize their potentials. As Amartya Sen puts it, “Poverty is not just a lack of money, it is not having the capability to realize one’s full potential as a human being”. He completely resonates with this and feels that the least one can do for the underprivileged is to help them gain access to their rights. Deep-rooted problems such as poverty, unemployment, no access to education, etc. can be solved only when the problem is fixed at the grass-root level and he believes that effective use of technology is the only answer to it. 

Having been a persistent individual with a proven track record of working in the IT industry and as a Teaching Fellow in Teach for India, he can visualize the bigger picture while being detail-oriented. With a strong knack towards problem-solving and data analysis, he firmly believes that he can bring in his extensive corporate experience gathered while working for clients across the globe (UK, US, South Africa) and his social sector experience to tap his potential as a Technical Project Analyst at Dimagi.

He strongly resonates with the work that Dimagi does and believes that his role at Dimagi would help him to work at the intersection of what the world currently needs, his passion and his skill set.

More than professionally ambitious, he likes to call himself “personally ambitious.” In his free time, he likes travelling and reading books. On a lighter note, he also works on improving his Uber Passenger rating, which is 4.33 now.