Dimagi Africa

Wouter Vink

Senior Director of Delivery

About Wouter Vink

Wouter has a deep interest in using design and technology for social and economic development, particularly in the African context. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and welcomes every opportunity to brainstorming about business improvement ideas.

Wouter has extensive experience in supply chain management. His involvement with contract farming across the SADC region has given him incredible insight into the intricacies and opportunities of incorporating smallholder farmers into global food supply chains. Building on these experiences, in combination with his passion to create meaningful change, he aims to contribute to organizations which intend to grow their impact and develop sustainably.

Wouter’s Dutch roots are evident in his love for cheese and cycling. He is an exercise fanatic and, when not in the office, can be found running Cape Town’s promenade. Furthermore, Wouter holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of The Hague and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.