Dimagi Africa

Sarvesh Tewari

Director of Solutions Delivery

About Sarvesh Tewari

Sarvesh has a background in computer science engineering and social entrepreneurship. He started his career as a software engineer working on data analytics projects but after an initial stint transitioned to the development sector. For more than a decade, he has developed and deployed Information and Communication Technologies across South Asia and Africa. During these years some of the roles that he has enjoyed most include leading product development for the biggest mobile health system in the world, implementing ICT solutions in low-income schools to improve the quality of education, and consulting different government departments to become data-driven.
Sarvesh keeps up with academic conversations in ICTD, HCID, and CSCW and other pertinent discussions in social sciences as they relate to research on science, technology, and society. He is always looking to collaborate with academics who are interested in theory/praxis and committed to bridging the artificial distinctions in theory and praxis prevalent in many debates globally.
Sarvesh is also a cycling enthusiast who loves being outdoors and can often be found wandering the city on his bike.