Rowena Luk

VP of Strategy

Rowena Luk is VP of Strategy at Dimagi and Product Owner for the CommCare Supply mobile logistics solution. During her time with Dimagi, she has undertaken many roles, including: providing technical leadership for the development and deployment of the Early Warning System, which uses SMS to report, resolve, and prevent commodity stockouts across health facilities in Ghana; acting as SMS Director with oversight on all of Dimagi’s SMS projects in over 14 countries; providing technical guidance on clinical research efforts at Dimagi, including leadership of the ARemind study of mobile monitoring and personalized support of individuals with HIV/AIDS. She has worked on mHealth projects in over 15 countries across Africa and Asia.

Prior to Dimagi, Rowena gained proficiency with mobile technology design and adoption from private, non-profit, and research perspectives. She led development of a telemedicine platform targeted for Ghana and the US while at Intel Research, was a member of the Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (TIER) research group at Berkeley, and explored the feasibility of drive-by Internet solutions for kiosk operators in India with the Tetherless Computing Lab at the University of Waterloo. She founded the non-profit AMITA Telemedicine, a charity with a mission to improve the quality of healthcare in Africa through research, development, and deployments of information technology. In the private sector, her technical background includes several years’ experience working as a software engineer for industry leading companies such as Research in Motion and Maya Heat Transfer Technologies.

She holds a Masters in Information Management and Systems from the University of California in Berkeley, where she was an active member of the Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (TIER) Research Group, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Most Recent Posts By Rowena Luk

In conjunction with NetHope, on September 4th, Dimagi’s VP of Strategy & CommTrack Product Owner Rowena Luk will give a webinar about “Dimagi’s Work in Mobile Logistics & Supply Chain Management for Low-Resource Settings.” This presentation is a follow-up to a previous webinar hosted by Dimagi: “CommCare: A Mobile Platform for Frontline Workforces”.  Rowena will discuss Dimagi’s suite […]

One of the most striking things about the mobile phone is its universality. You see the same phone, same make and model, in the hands of Ethiopian tribesmen, Himalayan herders, and Pakistani kids. It’s easy, sometimes too easy, for us to confuse the possession of mobile phones with the kind of social and political freedoms […]

We’re back in Senegal now, catching up with a lot of familiar faces and meeting the new recruits in the ever-growing Team Jokko. Did I mention? Our project has a name now: The Jokko Initiative. It means ‘communication’ in Wolof. Quick refresher: it’s a joint effort between Tostan, UNICEF, Dimagi, and hundreds of African communities, […]

I’m in Herat province at the very start of a new project with World Vision, assessing the landscape for rolling out CommCare among the CHW community here. It’s been a fascinating trip so far. I’ve worked directly with CHWs in various different programs (in Africa) before, but as you can imagine, one of the things that […]

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