Dimagi South Africa

Dr. Jennifer Harlow

Field Technology Lead

About Dr. Jennifer Harlow

Jennifer comes to Dimagi with a background in experimental physics. Her goal is to use all of the quantitative and problem-solving skills attained during her PhD to address critical challenges in the developing world.

Prior to joining Dimagi, Jennifer spent a year working as the Technical Manager at EGG-energy in Tanzania, where she provided hardware and software support for pay-as-you-go solar home products, integrated several different streams of data-collection, and developed a CommCare application for tracking customers through EGG’s process flow, including encouraging the use active data management.

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College, and her master’s and doctorate degrees in physics from University of Colorado at Boulder, working in the lab of Konrad Lehnert at JILA. For her PhD, Jennifer studied ultrasensitive measurement at the limits imposed by quantum mechanics.

Jennifer comes from the mountains in California and thus loves hiking, running, swimming, skiing, and most things outdoors. In fact, she spent much of her life up through graduate school racing cross-country skis at the national level in the US. Jennifer also loves dancing, board games, and cooking.