Programmatic Research

Since 2002, researchers have been using Dimagi’s open-source mobile technologies to bring efficiency, visibility, and scalability to their field-based studies.

Universities and organizations conducting field-based international research face unique challenges with data collection, monitoring, and program implementation. Research teams have to address the coordination and integration of multiple paper-based tools, field deployment organizations, training of local staff, and a variety of country-specific logistical considerations. The team is often only on-site for a short amount of time and then may need to manage long-term initiatives remotely.

Fortunately, mobile tools can help. Their forms are easily configurable, allowing for quick, remote adjustments. Their platform approach makes scaling to multiple sites a breeze. Longitudinal data management allows subjects to be tracked over time. Here’s what mobile tools can do for your next research project.

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Benefits of Mobile Data Collection
for Programmatic Research

Longitudinal case management functionality allows for tracking of specific participants with complex workflows.

Offline capabilities allow the application to be used in even the most rural, underserved schools.

Reliable GPS capture, e-signature, and validation conditions improve data integrity.

Cloud hosting of data allows for deployment on the ground without any physical set-up.

Data dashboards improve data monitoring and can include project-specific indicators.

Multi-language functionality allows for easy translation of forms to fit local language customization needs.

Featured CommCare-Supported
Programmatic Research

m-Palliative Care Link

Tanzania’s Ocean Road Cancer Institute uses CommCare to improve symptom control and information exchange in late-stage cancer treatment.

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The INDDEX Project
Burkina Faso, Vietnam

INDDEX uses CommCare to assess community dietary needs to improve agriculture, food, and nutrition policies in Burkina Faso and Vietnam.

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Ghana Information for Improved Healthcare Performance (GIIHP)

Boston University uses CommCare to improve performance in five hospitals across Ghana.

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The Latest on Mobile Data Collection
for Programmatic Research

Updates and advice from our world-class partners and Global Services team:

From Biometrac: The Power of Working Together

Biometrac is partnering with CommCare to conduct community-based research and implementation for a tuberculosis program in Uganda.

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From BRAC: How smartphones are revolutionizing data collection

BRAC offers advice on why mobile data collection can save projects both time and money while expanding possibilities for research.

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From Aquaya: Collecting water quality data in Senegal with CommCare

The Aquaya Institute is a non-profit research and consulting organization using CommCare to understand the challenges of testing water quality in sub-Saharan Africa.

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