mLabor (Intrapartum Care)

The CommCare Mobile Partograph app aims to reduce the partograph’s barriers.

CommCare for Intrapartum Care

The primary causes of maternal mortality are prolonged labor and obstructed labor. In order to reduce labor complications, the WHO universally recommends use of the partograph, a low-tech paper form that has been hailed as an effective tool for the early detection of maternal and fetal complications. Yet despite decades of training and investment, implementation rates and capacity to correctly use the partograph remain low in resource-limited settings. The partograph’s complicated multi-axis graph makes it especially difficult for health workers, such as intrapartum care providers, with limited training to use it, resulting in limited adoption and proficiency among healthcare providers.

Through an iterative process of user-focused design, the CommCare Mobile Partograph app aims to reduce the partograph’s barriers by focusing on improving interpretability, applicability, time, and minimizing complexity. The Mobile Partograph acts as a job aid by prompting intrapartum care providers to report the necessary information at the appropriate time while calculating and producing timely reports on labor status.

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