Humanitarian Response

Quickly organize and share data during humanitarian crises with the help of mobile data collection apps.

CommCare for Humanitarian Response Coordination Efforts

Humanitarian response organizations (HROs) reduce the harmful impacts of crises on affected populations, often requiring mobilization within days of a disaster striking. Typically, a core group of international responders join a larger number of local responders to quickly mobilize humanitarian action for those most vulnerable in the aftermath of crisis.

Rapid advances in mobile technology and expanding network coverage provide a solid platform for the development of mobile applications to quickly organize and share data during humanitarian crises. Mobile applications like CommCare for humanitarian response (mHRs) improve the efficacy of relief efforts by decreasing data entry and transfer time, in addition to facilitating information between and among relief organizations, frontline workers, and Ministries of Health. Additionally, beneficiaries can participate in relief efforts more meaningfully by sharing their input while directly receiving accurate information, resulting in a more integrative response.