CommCare for HIV/AIDS

The number of patients initiating antiretroviral treatment (ART) in resource-limited settings continues to increase, leading to concerns that conventional health systems will become increasingly overloaded. Community adherence groups have been suggested as one of these new strategies to extend delivery of services and retention in care. However, a major challenge for HIV/AIDS programs is ensuring timely and consistent linkage and retention of high-risk populations and patients to testing, treatment and care.

Dimagi has significant experience working on HIV/AIDS projects in numerous countries and contexts. CommCare has been used to identify and track HIV-positive patients, provide behavior change counseling messages, send SMS reminders for antiretroviral therapy (ART), and improve HIV-related follow up adherence.

Community Health Workers

Health workers with case loads of HIV/AIDS patients face several challenges, including limited training, difficulties tracking patients, and

  • Mobile applications can supplement health worker trainings with multimedia-enabled training modules, empowering health workers with decision making on symptoms
  • Armed with real-time, point of care level data, workers can track attendance of patients and adherence groups
  • Enables workers to trigger defaulter follow-ups and record outcomes
  • Automatically submit referrals to clinics when necessary
  • Workers can deliver treatment literacy content multimedia to enhance behavior change communication
  • Supervisors can detect data irregularities and oversee health workers’ activities, including frequency of visits, speed of follow up, number of cases identified, length of counseling sessions, and health workers that aren’t adhering to ART protocols

HIV/AIDS Clinics & Clinicians

Mechanisms are often not in place to support HIV/AIDS referrals, and clinics often lack necessary ARTs

  • Health records can be sent to referral facilities, decreasing the likelihood of patients falling out of the program due to health worker non-compliance or attrition.
  • Applications consider available ART stock while performing automatic prescription in accordance with ART regulations, based on entered symptoms.
  • SMS interactions allow stockouts to be reported before they occur.
  • Program managers can conduct health surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programs, activating timely response where treatment is not successful


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