CommCare for Education

CommCare can assist in better data collection and analysis, and help educational organizations gain visibility into what’s working and what’s not, improve quality of services, inform decision-making, and strengthen accountability. CommCare can also strengthen teacher professional development programs by equipping instructional coaches with mobile tools for monitoring teacher performance and providing individualized support.

School Performance Monitoring

Students and teachers alike require safe and healthy learning spaces in order to thrive. With CommCare, implementers and Ministries of Education can record and track school-specific data, monitor improvements on-site, and provide targeted recommendations and reminders at the school level or across multiple schools.

  • Track enrollment, materials on-site, curriculum creation, and lesson plan adherence
  • Monitor safety and sanitation, food distribution, classroom management, and community involvement
  • Trace results over time: supervisors can assess schools’ performance on relevant indicators

Attendance and Progress Tracking

Paper-based log books can be cumbersome and error-prone. CommCare can support electronic record keeping for student and teacher performance and attendance data – lessening manual data entry and lag-times for acting on performance and attendance data.

  • Keep track of classroom attendance absences of students simply, consistently, and accurately
  • Monitor teacher attendance via GPS check-in and check-outs
  • Track lessons completed and performance on assignments for each student, and report grades on time
  • Send SMS notifications or counseling messages to families or supervisors about performance or absenteeism

Standardized Assessments

Formal and informal assessments are critical tools for educators, as they provide the feedback necessary to improve teaching and learning outcomes. CommCare can be used to administer assessments that measure academic progress to-date, or identify children that may be at-risk for developmental delays.

  • Learning outcomes: literacy and math, or other subjects as desired
  • Assessment of skills development, social-emotional learning or cognitive abilities
  • Formative assessments for students or teachers, including SMS feedback

Instructional Coaching

Meaningful feedback and personalized coaching can improve teachers’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. With CommCare, instructional coaches can:

  • Better monitor the performance of teachers
  • Better provide targeted reminders, counseling, encouragement, and instructional guidance according to an individual teacher’s needs.


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