Agricultural Cooperative Programs

Cooperative farming holds the most potential for rural farmers to lift themselves out of poverty through their collective expertise and combined efficiencies. For many farmers, discounts on inputs and increased market access have resulted in unprecedented increases in income.

However, cooperatives become exponentially more complex to manage as they scale. The administrative burden of large memberships creates an artificial limitation to their size. Management applications and mobile tools help cooperatives reduce this management burden, allowing them to dramatically increase memberships without increasing complexity.

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Benefits of Mobile Data Collection in
Agricultural Cooperative Programs

Complex calculations and data tracking help cooperatives with data-driven financial planning

Offline capabilities allow the application to be used in even the most rural, underserved communities.

Mobile workflows can virtually consolidate bulk selling and out-grower schemes to move cooperatives higher up the value chain, improving margins.

Multimedia capabilities allow for the distribution of best practices amongst cooperative members for improved and more consistent training.

Case management capabilities allow cooperative administrators to keep track of individual farmer needs and outputs.

Featured CommCare-Based Agricultural
Cooperative Projects

Union des GIE de Producteurs de Céréale Local

UGPCL is using CommCare to help better manage the data tracking and farmer training for their cooperative of over 1,000 farmers.

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CARE India uses CommCare to track best practice adoption and farmer outputs for women in smallholder agriculture in India.

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More than 2000 projects across 80 countries rely on CommCare for their mobile data collection and reporting needs.

“We are ready to design applications that are everything from simple and straightforward to those with challenging and unique designs and use cases.”
- Ted Barlow, President

“CommCare gave us the ability to control the experience of our fieldbased data collectors, which drastically reduced human error.”
- Bhawna Mangla, Senior Research Associate

“Thank you for helping us to gather data, refine programming, and spread the message about our impact in fighting global climate change and extreme poverty.”
- Sarah Baird, Executive Director