Project Implementation

With Dimagi’s software, non-technical users can build free, customizable mobile applications to support their project needs. For programs requiring in-person support, Dimagi’s experienced team of experts is available to help you build your mobile project, from pilot through scale. Whether you need help designing, deploying, or scaling a mobile technology project, big or small, Dimagi is there to help you achieve you project goals.

FREE Community Support

Dimagi is committed to providing free resources for organizations to independently develop and implement their own mobile systems. These resources have helped several “self-starter” organizations, which comprise 40% of all of our active projects. Read more about how organizations in Senegal, Pakistan, Haiti, Malawi, and Togo have built and deployed CommCare on their own.

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Dimagi Services

Dimagi has a strong history of successful project execution through providing in person field support.   Our Field Managers are all over the world, and are experienced in designing, implementing, and maintaining mobile systems tailored specifically for local needs.

Dimagi’s unparalleled open-source software applications are supported by our experienced Global Services Team. Our offices are geographically positioned to provide timely, direct, and localized support where our partners’ needs are greatest. Our ability to project support across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America has further developed the skills of our team in managing a wide-range of projects in various technical sectors and geographic contexts.

Dimagi's Global
Services Team

Working in over 30

Speak over 30 languages

Experts in app design,
deployment, & training

ICT4D experience
across multiple sectors

Experience deploying
200+ projects worldwide

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