Mobile Health (mHealth)

A leader in Open Source mobile health (mHealth), Dimagi's projects are making an impact at home and around the world.


Mobile solutions, local needs

Our mobile technology is designed with the intention that it will ultimately be supported by local capacity. Our relevant expertise is in mobile health systems, HIS strengthening, technical training, application of healthcare data standards, clinical decision support, requirements and feasibility analysis, and usability design. Dimagi applies the above skills in an advisory function to in-country technical groups. It also performs full software development on a broad range of relevant technologies spanning from the prototype phase to an enterprise national deployment.

A diverse portfolio

Dimagi team members have experience working with many mobile health technologies, and are leaders in several open source mobile health communities. Dimagi has spent considerable time consulting on mobile health systems for a range of applications. Some of these include systems for community health workers to manage HIV care and safe pregnancy, health education programs, logistics management tools, and medication reminders. Dimagi’s engineers have utilized a wide range of technologies and are therefore able to leverage the most appropriate mobile technology quickly, whether it’s SMS, mobile applications, or web applications optimized for netbooks.

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