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Based out of Antigua, Guatemala, our Latin America & Caribbean team is enabling organizations to leverage digital solutions.

Dimagi’s Latin America & Caribbean team is helping regional organizations implement digital solutions across a variety of sectors – including health, agriculture, supply-chain logistics and academic research. These projects range greatly in size, from small-scale local implementations to multi-national scale-ups. 

Highlighted Projects – Latin America & the Caribbean

Scaling CommCare to 1.3 Million Agricultural Producers Worldwide

Rainforest Alliance is scaling a CommCare-based training application to several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America for the implementation of the new Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) certification standard. The app is intended to quickly disseminate essential information about the new standards to coffee, tea and cocoa producers (among others) and is designed to improve adherence and share educational content by leveraging multimedia. The scale-up is built off a pilot that was deployed in Guatemala with 20 extension agents and shared with hundreds of coffee farmers in 3 key regions of the country. Read more about the Rainforest Alliance project in this blog. Read more about the Rainforest Alliance project in this blog

Improving Health Coverage and Surveillance for Approximately 3.4 Million People in Northern Guatemala

Through a partnership with Guatemala’s Ministry of Health, Tigo Foundation, the Alliance for Nutrition in Guatemala, and McMaster University in Canada, the Guatemalan NGO TulaSalud is seeking to improve health coverage and surveillance for approximately 3.4 million people in northern Guatemala by the year 2020. TulaSalud’s customized version of CommCare, Kawok, provides assistance to hundreds of Guatemalan nurses and health personnel in the maternal, newborn and child health sectors. TulaSalud has used CommCare since 2012.

To learn more about this project, download the case study here.

Leveraging Community Networks for Rapid Spread of Interventions

The Inter-American Development Bank in partnership with the Salud Mesoamerica Initiative, Yale Institute of Network Science, the Honduras Ministry of Health, World Vision, and ChildFund Honduras are researching how community social networks can improve reproductive, maternal and child health outcomes in Honduras by 2018. The project is using CommCare to share counseling messages and promote healthy practices, including early detection of pregnancy and neonate danger signs, with more than 3,600 families in 154 communities nationally.

Watch a video about this project.

CommCare Case Studies – Latin America & the Carribean

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