What's Life Like on Dimagi's Global Services Team?

Some of the Dimagi Field Managers visiting a desert in India

“Have some out-of-the-box ideas for conducting a training? A burning desire to test a specific method to catalyze behavior change among community health workers? As a member of Dimagi’s Global Services team, there’s tremendous room for testing a new approach and pushing the boundaries for creativity.” – Rishad Gambhir, Senior Project Manager

So you’re thinking about joining Dimagi’s Global Services team. Wonderful! Our Global Services team members are based all over the world and are the main driving forces behind implementing our technologies. While life on Global Services is rewarding, it definitely isn’t your typical nine to five. Before you sign up, please read below to learn about life in the field with Dimagi.

Life on the Road: Our Global Services team travels a lot. While they have time to vacation and decompress, they’re often living on the road. This isn’t your standard office gig, which takes some getting used to. When you arrive at your project site, you’ll spend a few weeks at a time helping an organization implement their mobile solutions.

“Are you cool with cold showers?” When working in new areas, it’s likely that you won’t have access to amenities that you take for granted at home. For periods of time, you may have to trade in takeout for the local cuisine, warm showers for cold ones, and air conditioning for the heat. You will also often go with limited or without Internet and phone connectivity – which is what our mobile tools our designed for!

Working with Other Dimagineers: Whether they’re away in the field or back in the office, our Global Services team is constantly collaborating with other Dimagineers. We use Skype to connect our global team, hold regular Summits so that they can spend time together, and maintain open office environments that prioritize communication and collaboration.

And then there’s the fun stuff! At Dimagi, we often discuss how some of the most challenging aspects of life as a Global Services team member are oftentimes the most rewarding. Life on the road gives you the chance to travel to cool places, and working on the ground with organizations is extremely rewarding. We asked a few of people here about their favorite parts of their roles, and this is what they said:
  • Meeting, working with, and learning from people who are energetic, passionate, and fun.
  • Consulting with a variety of organizations and stakeholders, from rural health workers to government officials.
  • The ability to be independent and determine how much or how little responsibility you want.
  • The chance to make a direct impact in your work, including using mobile tools that you have created, working directly with end-users, and enabling people to access exciting, usable technology.
  • The ability to experience new cultures, embark on fun weekend trips, and travel beyond your project sites.
  • Experience new cultures, including learning about different cultural working styles.
  • And most importantly, working to improve people’s day-to-day lives. 

We hope that this gives you a better idea of life on the Dimagi Global Services team. If you’re interested in learning about what happens after your first year, make sure to check out this other post. If you have any other questions about life in the field, please email info@dimagi.com and we will put you in touch with some people here directly. Thanks!



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