Web Apps Feature Enables Robust Web-based CommCare Experience

The CommCare team is excited to announce today the release of web apps, a powerful web-based CommCare experience.

What is the web apps feature?

With the new web apps experience, you can use CommCare applications in a web browser just as you would on a mobile device.

Previously, CommCareHQ allowed users to enter data into CommCare applications via a web interface called “CloudCare.” Our team overhauled this part of the product to create a rich, web-based CommCare experience. Now, CommCare apps on the web will closely mirror the CommCare mobile experience in terms of workflows and functionality but the design is tailored for desktop users.

I really appreciate the ability to see more content from my browser, and like the look and feel of the new web-based CommCare experience.” –  Dr. Ajay Dhawale, District Tuberculosis Officer, Parel, Mumbai.

What can you do with web apps?

When you create an application in our App Builder, you can choose to install the app on a mobile device,deploy it as a web app, or both!

Here are some useful ways to use your apps on the web:

  • If you are building and testing an application, you can use web apps to quickly and easily test changes to your application.
  • For application users who have access to the web on a computer, we’ve just unlocked a full web application building environment with same same power and ease of use as our mobile experience. We tailored the design of web apps for the web browser of a computer to make the experience efficient and easy.


How do I enable the new CommCare web apps feature?

Any new project on a CommCare Pro software plan (or higher) will automatically be enrolled in the web apps feature. If you are on a Pro or Enterprise plan and would like to upgrade your existing projects to web apps for free, please click here to request early access. 

Interested in a demo of the web apps feature? We’d love to connect with you! Click below to schedule a call with our team.

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